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Outdoor Marijuana: Tips for Better Cultivation

Growing outdoor marijuana isn’t as simple as you think. The good thing in outdoor marijuana growing is it can yield a large quantity of marijuana without a massive extra investment. Outdoor marijuana cultivation is not costly and doesn’t require special equipment. Outdoor marijuana seeds growers must do some study, analyze the domestic soil, prepare the area, and think about the right pest-control strategy, and a great deal of maintenance to make sure to have a good harvest. Below are the tips on how to grow marijuana outdoor successfully

Tip for a Better Cultivation

  • Use an Outdoor Marijuana Strain

There are a lot of cannabis strains that are available and are specially bred for outdoor cultivation. Outdoor marijuana plants finish earlier. They don’t require too much time to get to their flowering stage, and also they may be more resistant to mold and humidity.

Outdoor Marijuana strains for cold climates 

outdoor marijuana plants. For those who live in cold places like Northern and Eastern Europe, you have to pick the strain accurately. Summertime is short and winter seasons are strong enough to ruin your marijuana crop. So, timing and strain choices are important. Strains that are perfect for cold areas are Early Skunk Feminized and Jamaican Pearl. They are sturdy cannabis strains with an early flowering time. 

Outdoor marijuana seed strain for warm climates

Outdoor marijuana seeds strain for warmer places. For those who live in warmer climates has a little bit of freedom when it comes to marijuana growing outdoors. Actually, mainly the commercial cannabis strains have been established for growing particularly in warmer climates. Long summers and mild winters are the perfect growing condition for marijuana. Those who are living in warmer places could grow almost any strain. Both Indica-dominant and Sativa-dominant varieties could be grown. 

  • If possible, start your plant indoors

Allow your cannabis plants to grow in pots for at least a week or two under the artificial lighting or on a windowsill, it is advisable to germinate your cannabis seeds indoors. This would protect your seedlings, and also give them a head-start if outdoor conditions are still a little too cool. When it’s time to show your young plants outdoors, it is advisable to go through a period of “hardening-off” so that your cannabis plants would slowly become usual to the change in environment. 

Firstly, put your plants outside for a few hours at a time, and make sure to keep them sheltered from insects and birds. 

After weeks of exposure to outdoor conditions, they would be difficult enough to be left outside full-time, either in bags or in soil. 

  • Choose soil or pots for outdoor growing

Every grower gets to choose whether they would directly put their seedlings into the ground or whether they would cultivate in pots. Every choice has its disadvantages and advantages. But for now, we would only focus on the advantages.

Advantages of growing in soil

  • growing mary jane outside has unlimited access to moisture and nutrients from the ground
  • outdoor marijuana cultivation could get to the maximum height as there’s no limit on root growth
  • outdoor marijuana has maximized yield
  • outdoor marijuana growing would not require any amount of money because you won’t need to buy pots

Advantages of growing in pots

  • Flexible movement of plants around
  • If there’s a storm or bad weather, pots could be moved indoors
  • Easier to hide the growing activity
  • Maximum management over the growth and size rate of plants
  • Certainly, there’s no contamination of solid from surrounding environment
  • Good soil is crucial

Ensure your solid is ready; it is maybe the most fundamental feature of marijuana growing outdoors. The soil must be tested to determine pH, and if it’s too low or too high then additives like lime or sulfur it should be mixed in. Consistency of the soil is also essential; too much solid and clay would be sticky and would drain poorly, and too much sand and drainage might be too rapid. Growing mary jane outside, the plant likes loamy soil or soil that consists mainly of silt and sand with a lower ratio of clay of around 40%-40%-20% silt-sand-clay is a good rule of thumb. Also, soil fertility is essential.

  • Choose the right spot

Sunny, well-irrigated, sheltered, and has good drainage, it is the perfect spot for outdoor marijuana cultivation. Also, it would be far enough off the unapproachable that human activity happens in the area; so no famous hiking trails. A forest clearing that would receive a good amount of sunlight and is sheltered from the wind is perfect, the mixed broad-leaved forest is best to coniferous, as the soil in the area of coniferous woodland is sometimes very acidic. 

It might be great to place your plants in the pot if you are all doubting your spot for any reason. If you are doubting your spot for any reason, it may be great to place your plant in pots. In this way, you could move your plants around as required until you find the perfect spot to grow your marijuana plants. If you place them in the ground too early, you will not have the freedom of transferring them in case of bad weather or storm. 

  • Choose the best time to grow outdoors

You must be cautious of changes in seasonal temperature, hours of daylight, and rainfall if you are in the most climate zones. The changes in daylight hours are significant between seasons if you live in the temperate zones. This acts as a signal to photoperiod-dependent marijuana strain to either act vegetative growing or start flowering. Hours of daylight might still be short enough to have the flowering if you try the vegetative growth in early spring. So it is great to wait until at least mid-April or mid-October to plant your seedlings. 

  • Choose the best time to harvest outdoor plants

Harvest time is the time of glory where cannabis growers finally would get to enjoy the fruits of their labor. In fact, many newbie growers compromise the quality of their final product by harvesting too early or too late. So don’t misread the importance of the harvesting stage.

Generally, there are two most important things when you are trying to plan when to harvest

  • The variety of cannabis plant you are growing
  • What you have seen when monitoring your buds during their flowering

There is normally an indication as to the flowering stage of the specific strain of cannabis when you buy seed. This is a great place to begin if you’re a little bit confused in regard to harvesting time. 

Nonetheless, the most effective method to know when to harvest outdoor marijuana plants is by checking them. There are two things you must be checking closely when your buds are close to ending their flowering time : 

  • The color of the pistils it is like small hair-like protrusion from the bud
  • The color of the trichomes it is like a tiny, crystal-like resinous sphere that covers the buds

The pistil would slowly start to change color from white to dark-reddish, brown color. If you want to harvest, the THC levels must be at their maximum, at least 60% of the pistils must have curled in and darkened the color of the buds. And if you want to harvest with maximum CBD the more calming and less psychoactive effect, then you must wait until 70 to 90% of the pistils have curled in and darkened.

You might also want to inspect the trichomes to look at whether it is harvest time or not. They would clear upon inspection with a magnifying glass, it is as if your plants first begin developing these resinous trichomes. They would gradually turn from clear to golden/amber color. This is when the THC levels are at their maximum. When around 30% of the trichomes become golden, then it’s a great time to harvest. The perfect harvest window has passed, if the trichomes turn grey. 


It may be very intimidating, but do not be too overwhelmed. Outdoor marijuana growing is a rewarding and satisfying experience. It’s not simply about the harvesting and enjoying your final product but it is also about learning more about cannabis. If you are growing mary jane outside for the first time, it is safe to say that you would not get it perfectly instantly. Don’t discourage yourself because of failure but push yourself to strive hard. Enjoy your growing journey!

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