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Psychological vs Physical Addiction to Marijuana: What’s the Difference?

Germination is the procedure of growing a new plant from a seed. Online seed banks are mainly the best place for genetic and quality to start marijuana seeds. The Indian hemp plant is where Marijuana comes from, and the flowers known as buds is the part that carries the drug. The seeds, stems, and leaves of the marijuana plant have drug also but it only contains a little.

Marijuana, known as pot or weed, is the most misused medication in many places in the world, and some people believe that it is safe considering that it is legal in some states and other countries. What others do not understand is that the body is not aware if it is an illegal or a legal drug, the body only knows the consequence the drug makes once taken.

Marijuana is a combination of buds, leaves, seeds, and stems when sold. Normally they are gray, brown, and green and when smoked it releases a special sweet scent. There are actually four-hundred chemicals in marijuana and the Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) is the chemical that causes the “high feeling” or the intoxication to users. The Tetrahydrocannabinol makes the mind-altering results that categorize marijuana as a drug.

In a literal manner, intoxication means poisoning your body by taking a toxic substance. Any stuff that intoxicates generates changes in the mind and the body. It can produce addiction causing someone to want to take that drug even though it could be harmful to them.

The Best Way to Start Marijuana Seeds

Before we tackle the difference between psychological and physical addiction to marijuana, you should know first how some people produce this kind of plant. To start marijuana seeds and become a plant it needs three things to grow: heat, air, and water. The simplest way and maybe the most common method includes the utilization of paper towels soaked in water. Using this method is effective for germinating marijuana seeds.

The Difference between Psychological and Physical Addiction

A lot of people are seriously looking for answers with the increasing epidemic of alcohol and especially drug abuse. Many people wanted to know why some become addicted and the reasons behind their addiction.

It has been a long-debated topic about whether addiction is a choice or a disease. The distinction between psychological addiction and physical addiction. Possibly a great way to understand the two is to know the properties of dependency for both Psychological and Physical.

  • Psychological Dependency

The dependency in psychological is when someone is passionately attached to a drug based on a mental craving for it. This is normal for some people who utilize drug that will not generate extreme withdrawal symptoms when they are not taking it.

The addiction side of Psychological is entitled to the desire in the mind to use based on a conscious need the drug gives. This side of addiction can happen even though the user does not show dependency symptoms in physical addiction.

For instance, a marijuana user does not think frequently if they have appeared to be addicted due to the fact that they can go without taking it physically. Even so, the user’s mind generates a severe desire for the drug that can impact the user negatively in many ways resulting in changes in appetite, anxiety, loss of sleep, and even depression.

  • Physical Dependency

The body becomes dependent when someone starts taking drugs on a regular basis. Basically, the cells cannot work the way they have been without taking the drug. As a consequence, the user experiences distressing withdrawal symptoms. This also causes many users to take more drugs just to feel less pain. Some of these withdrawal symptoms are body aches, nausea, diarrhea, severe headaches, chills, and DTS or Delirium Tremens.

  • Psychological and Physical Treatment

It is very important to understand how psychological and physical addiction work and how they go together for treatment.

Physical dependence is usually directed to a medically supervised detoxification that will last more or less than a week, they will aid to lessen the person’s withdrawal symptoms. The person will be moved then into addressing the fundamental reasons why they are using the substance which is the psychological addiction side. The treatment for psychological addiction starts once the physical addiction treatment is finished.

In this instance, addiction is revealed as both psychological (mental) and physical (chemical) that have an effect on the brain, thus giving evidence that addiction or being dependent on a drug is both physical and psychological.

After all the treatment, starting a support connection is very important for coping both forms of addiction in recovery. It is a good start to develop friendships who are also in recovery or find an available NA or AA meetings in your community. You can overcome whatever your addiction, once you have all the right aid to stop and prevent it from coming back.

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