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Storing Cannabis: Keeping Your Seeds Fresh

The marijuana plants can be grown outdoors and can easily grow indoors as long as few better tricks and tips are followed. There are many people who often ask how to store marijuana seeds long term properly and how to keep them fresh. If you’d keep aware of definite things while maintaining the marijuana seeds, they would stay well for a long time. They can last up to five years if stored in a cool and dark place.

In general, in terms of a better chance of sprouting, it’s great if the seeds are fresh. It’s ultimately ideal if it’s for a few months only. Here are some of the great ways on how to store weed seeds. 

How to Store Marijuana Seeds?

There are several ways of how to store cannabis seeds keeping black film canister close to the back of the fridge. You could place silica crystals or uncooked rice beneath the black film canister then you can use a light-proof and airtight container such a mason jar. Once you buy marijuana seeds they usually arrive vacuum-packed airtight ready. Now, if you haven’t opened yet the packaging then better utilize it to keep it inside that is light-proof. 

Always remember to keep away the container from the direct heat of the sun to make it fresh for a long time. The choice of container isn’t that important as long as the storage area is far from moisture, heat, and light. Because of this, the marijuana seeds wouldn’t dry out faster and keep away from any bacteria. 

This video will show you How To Store Cannabis Seeds LONG-TERM

What is the Right Period of Storing Cannabis Seeds?

Marijuana consumers and growers already know that marijuana seeds could stay fresh only for just one to two years, but the truth is they can maintain good for five years if taken good care of in the storing process. One of the major things to keep in mind is to keep away from gathering the marijuana seeds in a short period of time after collecting all of them. This is why the germination and the marijuana seeds separate. 

When preserving weed seeds you can collect the marijuana seeds after they have fully grown, and to know that marijuana seeds matured they must be in brown shade. If the seeds are stored for a long period of time they would get a lower germination level. This is how you preserve seeds.

How to know the Right Temperature in Storing Cannabis Seeds?

One of the perfect ways of how to store cannabis seeds is by placing the container behind the fridge. This area has a good temperature and is dry. You could also store the container in the vegetable shelf where the temperature is normal and cool. Keep in mind to not open the refrigerator always as it could decrease the life of the marijuana seeds. 

Another way of how to store marijuana seeds long term is by freezing them. Directly place the marijuana seed in the container that is light-proof and airtight then place it in the freezer. Don’t defrost the marijuana seeds until you finally want to use them. You could defrost them by storing them at room temperature after placing them out from the freezer. 

The perfect temperature of the fridge must be 5 degrees celsius to maintain the marijuana seeds in a good condition. This temperature would remain the bacteria and germs non-functioning and far from marijuana seeds. 

The temperature and moisture are the most important factors that would affect the quality of marijuana seeds all around the storage. Marijuana seeds captivate the moisture from the atmosphere that is wet and if put in a dry atmosphere they’d become dry also. Preserving weed seeds is multiplied for every one percent lesser in moisture rate. The problem of maintaining the germination of seed gets bigger with the moisture level of the marijuana seeds. 

Above marijuana seed moisture:

  • 8 to 9 % – Existing insects are engaging and reproducing.
  • 12 to 14 % – Fungi develop on and in marijuana seeds.
  • 18 to 20 % – Heating occurs.
  • 40 to 60 % – Germination occurs.
  • 80 to 100 % – Marijuana seeds immerse and become limp after more than 12 hours.

Heating is the cause of marijuana seeds’ natural respiration along with fungi and bacteria in and on the marijuana seed which may increase rapidly in a wet environment. A high rate of moisture content and high temperature would damage or kill marijuana seeds quickly. So, it is significant that you are aware of storing them. Once the above situation of storing cannabis seeds is correctly done, then keeping marijuana even up to 5 years with a high success level of germination is an absolute triumph. 

Where to Store Marijuana Seeds? 

Growers especially newbies often ask where to store marijuana seeds, here are some of the ideal places to perfectly store your seeds. For short-term storing, a drawer or a dark cupboard with a balanced temperature is totally fine. Keep your seeds out of places of your house that are available to the changes of the natural temperature of your local environment. 

For instance, you live in a place with very hot daytime temperatures and cold nights, try to secure your seeds from these changes, and do not store them outside in a shed. 

For long-term storing, it is perfect to keep your seeds in the fridge inside a sealed container. Always remember that opening a fridge can even cause some serious temperature shifts. When you happen to have a second fridge that gets utilized once in a while then the one in your kitchen, you could use that one for preserving weed seeds. 

But if possible, keep your seeds in its original container. If you open a pack of seeds and have residue, move the extra seeds directly in a sealed airtight container. 

For example, ziplock bags, these are perfect because you can transfer all the air from them to make a close to a vacuum-sealed container for your seeds. When vacuum-sealed, place your bag inside a dark container or dark plastic bag to secure your seeds from your fridge light. 

Keep in mind that modern fridges are quite dry. It is very important that your seeds are not directly exposed to these conditions, as lacking moisture could cause them to utilize their nutrient stores just to be alive. 

These are some of the great ways on how to store marijuana seeds. It is based also on what method you are suited for. However, you have to follow the important tips in each method. Make sure also to label the container with the date received, quantity, and strain to make storing effective and easier.

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