The Best Ways to Get Rid of Thrips on Your Autoflower Plants

Pests are primarily living organisms that carry with them diseases or they could be living things that pose harm or invade to your cannabis garden. This article shall discuss in details the best ways of getting rid of thrip cannabis autoflowering seeds. Basically, thrips cannabis are the ones that pierce your cannabis leaves with the use of its mouth to suck all the good in your green leafy plant. In return, it will leave a shiny or a slimy spots on silver and bronze colors where they are bitten. How to get rid of thrips on cannabis, what are the thrips cannabis treatment and how often to spray to kill thrips on cannabis, this are the question are usually asked by the marijuana growers. Read here to learn more!

What are Thrips and How Does It Affect Your Autoflowering Cannabis Seeds?

There are two major distinctions for your thrips on cannabis that appear in your autoflowering cannabis seeds. The first one is the adult thrips which are the fast-moving and small insects. The second one is the young thrips which appear as the unmoving tiny pale-colored worms that appear on the affected leaves. Well, in fact, there are various forms that occur from nymphs of worms to the golden and dark-colored winged insects. This depends on the life stages of the cannabis plant and where they inhabit.

How to Get Rid of Thrips on Your Thrips on Your Autoflower Plants

Thrips are most active during the night since they shy away from light. They are nocturnal hunters. Their presence is an indicator of underlying pest issues as they feed on crickets, spiders, and ants. While they are harmless to humans, their fast movements and alarming appearance makes people uneasy, which is why it is best to eliminate them. While the venom resulting from thrips on cannabis leaves bites is not powerful enough to affect humans and larger animals, the cannabis thrips are unwelcome in most homes.

Removal of thrips

If thrips have already found your way into your autoflowering cannabis seeds, read on to learn how to get rid of them. The first step on how to get rid of thrips involves removing them from their hideouts. So how do you get rid of thrips in this step? You can capture them. They are fast thrips but they rarely invade in large numbers. Therefore, it is possible to trap the ones you see and either move them outside or squish them. Doing this will be the first way on how to get rid of centipedes and controlling the issue.

You simply have to isolate the thrips under a jar or cup and slide a piece of paper over the mouth of the container and then move the thrips outdoors. You should ensure that you deposit them as far away from the cannabis plants as possible so they do not get back into your home. We recommend that you do not touch the thrips with bare hands as they can bite you. Although they may not cause any real harm to humans, the thrips can bite in self-defense. The thrips on cannabis is like a bee sting, and therefore, you should be vigilant by wearing gloves.


You can also trap the thrips. This is another way of how to get rid of thrips in your autoflowering cannabis seeds. Sticky traps, such as those used for other insects and rodents can be used as they are effective in trapping the bugs. You should purchase the sticky trap at your local home center. Then you place them strategically near the corners of rooms or near baseboards. The advantage of this method of how to get rid of centipedes is that they don’t just capture the pests alone but any other bugs in your home that the centipedes might be feeding on.


Another method of how to get rid of thrips in your autoflowering cannabis seeds. If you have no issue with using insecticides, you can consider eliminating these thrips damage cannabis by using sprays. Ensure that you purchase the non-toxic varieties. However, ensure that the formulation targets centipedes and apply in accordance with the instructions provided.

According to Dr. Sanjay Gupta, one of the worldwide sensational marijuana influencer, a good example of these products is the ultrasonic pest repeller that uses sound in order to keep pests like rats and other vermin away from a specific area of your home. This product does not kill the pests, it is easy to use, there are no clean-ups necessary and you will not have to deal with harmful substances.

Prevention Measures

The second method on how to get rid of thrips is prevention. This is the best way to reduce the thrips population in your home. First, check outdoors as thrips like hiding and breeding in leaf litter and grass clippings among other damp yard materials. Clear the debris and throw them at a safe distance from your home. If you store firewood or compost, you need to move it about 30 feet away from your home’s perimeter.

Indoor growing for autoflowering plants, use an expanding foam spray to seal gaps that can be a point of entry. These include cracks and crevices around doors, pipes, windows, and wiring. This method on how to get rid of thrips not only keeps thrips away but any other thrips that may gain entry into your house. You can use insecticides like Pur Black NF Foam, Lambdastar UltraCap, Cyper WSP, or Invader HPX to spray areas where the centipedes might gain entry into your home.

You should also invest in a dehumidifier and install exhaust fans within bathrooms or attic.
Last, if you have figured out what the thrips are feeding on, we recommend eradicating the thrips. This will force the cannabis thrips to move on to other locations with an abundant supply of food, which will help you get rid of them.

Using Natural Methods

How to get rid of thrips on cannabis when growing autoflowering cannabis seeds outside, you can also utilize natural methods. You can plant aromatics around the house to keep mosquitoes and other insects away. You could even use predator urine in order to help keep raccoons, deer, rats, and other animal pests away. In many cases, the smell could be utilized as a important detrimental factor to keep most of the pests away. You can also use their sight against them by putting up plastic molds of their natural predators around your area. As for weeds, you can make sure that your lawn stays green to help prevent weed growth.

This is another way of getting rid of pests when you grow autoflowering cannabis seeds outside physically without having to use toxins. These could be used for some big insects like roaches but they’re more usually used for large animals such as squirrels, rats, mince, and moles. These traps can either kill or just capture the pests.

DIY Methods

DIY methods will typically make use of common household items in order to make poisons or chemicals that can kill a wide variety of pests so that you can successfully grow autoflowering cannabis seeds outside. What is ideal about using DIY methods is that they are typically cheap and easy to do. They are less likely to cause any problems with children or pets.

The downside of this method is that they are typically not very effective. In fact, it might take a lot of time for them to work or they might not be allow to give any good outcome at all. Some instances include using baking soda at odds with roaches, cinnamon for ants and even essential oils for rats.

Conclusion: Get Rid of Thrips on Your Autoflowering Cannabis Seeds

The primary need for roses is good soil. Although they are known to be able to grow in different kinds of soil, roses can easily thrive in soil that has a pH of 6.3 to 6.8. Roses need to be watered, but the soil needs to drain well, which is why some gardeners add gypsum to their garden’s soil.

Roses typically grow in spring, though the exact time varies depending on what type of rose you are planting. Many of the heirloom or All-America rose selections are very robust and they can easily thrive in different climates. Roses will need to be watered at least twice a week, but you should avoid drowning them.

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Roses rely heavily on the condition of the soil in order to grow. This is why some gardeners say that you can actually grow roses even though there is not much sunlight available. Not many will recommend this however since ideally the roses should be planted in areas that have sunlight at least for a few hours.

In effect, pests are considered a nuisance. Nevertheless, the term pest should be considered loosely. A pet, in one area, can be considered beneficial but in another, he’s a pest. With that said, even cats could be considered pests if mass of them attack your farm and harm chicks.

While most people will opt for methods that can kill these pets, care must be considered when it comes to animals. This is because our laws today protect most of them and it would be inhumane to use methods that are deadly to them especially if it is unnecessary and if other methods are available.

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