The Dark Side of Dark Star Strain

With the rising popularity of cannabis today, there are now a lot of consumers that are asking for the highest quality marijuana strains whether for medicinal or recreational use or even for both. The Dark Star strain is among the most high-quality buds that fit the category as this cannabis strain is something that both medicinal and recreational consumers will love to use on a daily basis.

Dark Star Strain Origins

Dark Star strain originated from two famous popular classic buds. The first is the Purple Kush strain, which comes from the West Coast strain. This cannabis strain is famous for its unnatural sweet taste and very appealing aroma. And, because it’s a potent Indica strain, it is perfect for inducing a full-bodied relaxing impact that could put anyone into a state of calm bliss.

The second parent of Dark Star strain is Maza-I-Sharif, who won second place in the 199 best Indica cannabis cup. This cannabis strain is famous for its ability to break stress from the rest of your body and lull you into a relaxing and deep kind of sleep in almost no time. It has a fresh floral taste and aroma and also is one of the most potent Indicas on the market. 

When both Mazar-I-Sharif and Purple Kush were bred, Dark Star was born. This cannabis strain carries the same kind of stress-busting and relaxing effects of its parents but also extends on its own due to its many unique characteristics and properties. 

Dark Star’s Fragrance and Flavor

Dark Star strain may sound like a scary cannabis strain to the ear but it is actually not as dark as some people may think it is. It’s not a strong and dark star cannabis strain when it comes to its aroma and is actually one of the less nasal bothersome cannabis strains out there. However, it has this classic earthy pungent aroma that most traditional cannabis strains have. It also comes with a coffee-like aroma that has hints of herbs in it. One good thing is that it does not seem repulsive to the nose. In the meantime, the Dark Star marijuana strain taste has a much better profile than its aroma. It comes with the same earthy pungent kind of flavor but also has hints of berries and grapes to provide a more pleasant and unique kind of touch to your tongue. These make it a good experience for your taste buds if you were not satisfied with its aroma. 

Dark Star’s Effects

Dark Star cannabis has a THC level that is calculated up to 19% or even moderately higher than that. This indicates that it is moderately potent and could be considered strong for some consumers that are not used to buds with THC levels as high as what Dark Star marijuana. 

This cannabis strain is nearly a pure Indica and might only have sign amounts Sativa in it. This is because its parents come from a long line of Indicas that are known for having genetics that is as pure as any bud could get. 

Because Dark Star strain is an Indica, its high is mainly physical. It’s a type of buzz that instantly hits you right off the bat with a euphoric high that goes into your head to offer you with a positive and happy sensation. Although, such cerebral impacts are short-lived as its Indica side would eventually take over. 

When the body buzz begins to manifest, you would feel a long-lasting high that would make your entire body feel fuzzy and warm. Like your limbs would start to feel heavy as any sort of motivation to want to do anything productive leaves your body to make way for a tranquilizer kind of high that makes you calm and relaxed at the same time. This makes Dark Star marijuana a good chill-out cannabis strain that could make you feel spacey and even sleepy when taken in a larger dosage. 

Dark Star’s Medicinal Benefits

Dark Star strain actually has a pretty high CBD content. This indicates that this cannabis strain is good for its medicinal values as the CBD worlds well in conjunction with THC to give all-around therapeutic advantages that could make any patient feel a lot better. 

This said, Dark Star is perfect for treating a lot of physical conditions. It could be used to remove stress from the entire body and is actually pretty famous for its ability to fight any stress-related symptoms. It could also be used against chronic pain, muscle spasms, aches, any other physical ailment. Darkstar strain could even be a good strain to use if you want to fight off depression and anxiety. 

Dark Star’s Dark Side—Its Side Effects

While Dark Star strain isn’t one of the strongest strains when it comes to making you feel too sedated and lethargic, consuming and smoking enough of it would eventually make you feel too heavy and lazy to do anything. Such, you must never use this cannabis strain if you want to do anything productive because of how hot it has the ability to sedate your body. 

Dark Star marijuana strain has the standard negative reaction you get from marijuana. This involves dryness in both the mouth and your eyes. This indicates that you have to keep yourself hydrated under the effects of this marijuana strain so as to get rid of any serious complication that arises from dryness in your mouth and eyes. 

Even though it’s not a really potent cannabis strain, taking too much of Dark Star strain could induce light-headedness and dizziness to any kind of user. You may even feel a bit worried about its effects, especially if you’re not used to marijuana or if you took too much of this marijuana strain. 

Finally, even though it has a good amount of CBD, it oddly doesn’t do well against some situations that CBD is famous for being efficient against. Those medicinal conditions include seizures and epilepsy. But, in any case, Dark Star strain is famous to be a good medicinal marijuana because of its well-rounded medical and therapeutic advantages. 

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