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The Good and the Bad Side of Autoflower Cannabis Strains

Autoflower cannabis strains are the well known major strains in the United States and all around the world. Its seeds come from the genetic parenting of 2 various strains, the Cannabis Ruderalis, and the more usual strain. These seeds produce the Cannabis spectrum wider and added more variety in the colorful yet bizarre diversity of the magical strains. As you consider purchasing and planting this strain. Let’s take to its pros and cons. 

Knowing Autoflowering Seeds

As its name shows, autoflowering cannabis strains are the plants that automatically change from vegetation to flowering phase, without any space in the process of growing. These plants start to flower when it reaches a part of the maturing that has no time to wait, unlike other regular counterparts. Aside from it, autoflower cannabis strains are smaller than the regular plants. 

Advantages of Autoflower Cannabis Strains

Quicker Harvest and Flowering Time

Once you read the work fast, your smile spread wider than your local freeway, admit it.

The shorter the time for growing means the more harvesting a single owner could do within a year, compared to those who cultivate regular seeds. Mainly, autoflowering cannabis seeds convey higher quantitative worth in terms of yields, percentage, time, and frequency of harvesting. 

The shorter time for growth means more harvesting a single owner can do within a year, compared to those who grow regular seeds! Particularly, autoflowering cannabis seeds convey higher quantitative values in terms of percentage, yield, time, and distribution of harvesting.

Autoflower cannabis seeds do better than Sativa and Indica strains in terms of plant cycles-whether vegetation or maturation. Reject the flowering time because it creates automatically, contrary to the previous 2 that needs more time to pause to connect itself for the flowering phase. 

Who doesn’t want to make more seeds and buds that are planted or sold as well, after all? 

They are small and handy

These kinds of plants need some space, which means, its users can have tiny rooms, to give the growing area for them. It is highly recommendable to those who want to purchase autoflowering seeds USA or to other countries, but their local floor area is a little spacious than the average. 

All in all their life cycle is less and shorter to wait, they create only plants with a smaller height that can give the necessary chemicals required for the user’s medicinal and recreational treatments. 

Aside from indoor growing, they can also thrive in outdoor planting without thinking of the space they require. 

Flexible plants!

These plants are flexible, with regard to the climate, season, and temperature. The plants don’t demand any particular time for them to produce flowers at all. 

These plants can thrive a day with 8 hours of darkness and 16 hours of light or vice versa. Contrary to other strains, they don’t require a definite time for their environment whey they must receive light and how long they must keep in the dark. 

Just like their name, they’re automatically flowering from the time they think that it’s the perfect time for them to bloom. 

They are Resilient!

These plants can resist any familiar fungus and molds that may attract other regular plants. Aside from it, the possibility of dangerous strains of infections is effectively suppressed by an autoflowering plant without much organic substance to mix with its soil. 

Disadvantages of Autoflowering Plants

Vulnerable to everything

These plants grow quickly and produce quick results, they’re more at risk to everything, particularly to their grower’s mistakes. 

Autoflowering cannabis seeds are more delicate than the regular seeds throughout germination or even on its maturation. They can’t restore themselves quickly because of the possible unestablished timespan for nighttime and daytime development. 

And because of this, once a single branch was overly cut by the grower, it might sustain major danger that might last forever. Even just an ordinary and single poking that wraps its branches is an irreparable change for the whole time of its growth. With these probabilities, the growers are strictly guided not to take any harsh physical contact with their autoflowering plants. 

Stunted growth

They’re amazing plants, in terms of growing and developing. although, these plants are not as tall as the others, which carry a message of the quality they can make in a given period of time. The faster the plant grows, the shorter it is and the lower the standard it may have. 

Furthermore, the stunted growth they have might cause a bad stain with these plants in the future. Take note that most of the users approve of more valuable yet more efficient plants than those low-priced yet weaker ones. 

Maybe, the growers are after the number of flowers and buds, and not the lesser impact that they could feel and profit with. 

Lower THC volumes

As mentioned before, these kind plants may create lower THC rates. The THC production would be based on the extent of its vegetation and flowering phase. 

If an autoflowering cannabis plant grows in 2 months, then anticipate that the 15% THC content it has could have a lesser chemical impact on you when used, compared to the 15% THC content of the regular plant that grows after 3-4 months. 

Once you seek for relatively high THC-rich marijuana plants, then the autoflowering plants are not suited for you. 

Quantity over Quality

Generally, these plants are after the numbers and not the value of its produced fruits, on which the users are highly looking for. 

They might create a lot, but their strains might not turn as effective as the other regular growing plants. 

Should you Buy Seeds from Autoflowering Strains?

The choice is yours. Every marijuana plant and strains have their own advantages in terms of water demand, climate resistance, organic nutrient intake, photoperiod, and the required space for growth. 

As they have the pros, each has cons as well as the synthetical quality they create, the effectiveness of their growth, their finite capabilities, and other related economical concerns, particularly with the amount they involve from day 1 until the last day of their growth. 

Take some time to think, and if you’re ready, then order autoflowering cannabis seeds and begin growing on your own.

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