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The Miracle of Marijuana Feminizing

Demand for medical marijuana has increased ever since some countries, states and territories have legalized its use as a cure for many human ailments such as pain, inflammations, and others. This increased demand could only be met by increasing production. Developments have been made in the cultivation of marijuana but perhaps the single most groundbreaking of these is feminizing, the production of female marijuana seeds which are guaranteed to grow into female plants.


Feminization of marijuana plants happens by inducing a female plant to undergo gender change from being female to male. Whenever a marijuana plant is in a life-threatening situation, it releases ethylene which is a plant hormone that is responsible for the self-preservation of plants and tissue repair. But some things disrupt this ethylene production which will trigger a gender change. This gender change is brought about by making the plant go through panic mode which will force the female plant to become male and pollinate its nearby plants.

This female plant that turns into male becomes the parent of a new generation of marijuana plants when it produces pollen that will pollinate nearby female plants. Since the male parent used to be female, it contains 100 percent female genes and the resulting offspring of this male parent that used to be female and another female plant will be female. This means that the seed that will be produced by this male and another female parent will all be female or feminized.



Once these feminized seeds are planted these seeds will all result in a female plant. You will want female plants for cultivation because the ideal ratio for cultivation is to have as many female plants as you can that could be pollinated by one single male either by natural methods or by artificial pollination by harvesting the pollen and pollinating the female plants by hand. All these female plants that you have will all then produce seeds that you could keep for future sowing or sale.


Another reason for having female plants is to harvest the buds or flowers of the female plants. It is the buds that contain the compounds THC and CBD that are used for medicinal and recreational marijuana.


Before the discovery of feminized marijuana seeds and plants, growers wait for the plants to grow up to their vegetative or flowering states to determine whether their plant is male or female. Upon discovery of the gender of their plants, they immediately dispose of their male plants to avoid accidental or unplanned pollination especially for the female plants that are grown for the harvesting of buds.

Sex determination is impossible simply by looking at the seeds. Usually, it is revealed only in the when the plant is between the transition from vegetative to flowering states, when the pre-flowers start to form. These tiny undergrowths develop into the reproductive organs of the plant. By using a magnifying glass, you’d see the male pre-flowers look like balls while the females form calyxes that are pear-shaped.

Once the plants get pollinated, their buds or flowers will no longer contain as much THC or CBD as the flowers’ energy and nutrients are being diverted into seed production instead. Many growers have experienced accidental pollination before and have ruined their harvest of buds that they were expecting and they would be forced to harvest seeds or just to dispose of their plants if needed.

Having all-female plants ensure you that your plants are all female and will remove any guesswork, uncertainty or any possibility of a catastrophe such as accidental pollination from ever happening. This protects your capital, time and effort that you put into your crops and will ensure you of a good harvest of buds.


Feminization could be done by using chemical sprays with the colloidal silver method and silver thiosulfate method. It could also be induced naturally through the rodelization method.


The silver thiosulfate method requires the use of Sodium thiosulfate or STS, which is the equal mix of sodium thiosulfate solution and silver nitrate solution. This mix will result in the formation of silver thiosulfate as a by-product.

The STS solution could be created by combining two water solutions, one containing silver nitrate and the other containing sodium thiosulfate. To make a 0.02% silver nitrate solution, add 0.1 gram of silver nitrate in 0.5 liters of distilled water. Silver thiosulfate solution could be made by adding 2.5 Grams of Sodium Thiosulfate Anhydrous or 3.9 grams of Sodium Thiosulfate Pentahydrate to 0.5 liters of distilled water.

Separately, these two chemicals could last up to 6 months but once mixed, the solution will only last for a month. You must keep this solution in a dark container or a dark-colored bottle as it is sensitive to light. Silver thiosulfate could be purchased as salt in granular form that could be dissolved in water.

The solution must be diluted into the distilled water properly, otherwise, it will burn the plants. If plants show any sign of burning, further dilution must be done. Keep the solution off your skin and always wear protective gear such as gloves, masks, and goggles. Although not known for toxicity, Silver Thiosulfate is an irritant.

Silver thiosulfate is sensitive to light, so the solution and the plants sprayed must be in the dark during and after spraying for a few hours. Plants sprayed with silver thiosulfate requires drying after being sprayed on and before being returned to the batch while the colloidal silver method is used on plants while they are flowering and does not require drying. Silver thiosulfate is sprayed once every five days while colloidal silver is sprayed once or twice daily.


The colloidal silver method also incorporates spraying the marijuana plant with a chemical solution of colloidal silver. Colloidal silver is simply pure silver in distilled water. This solution is also available for purchase online.

But you could also make home-made colloidal silver. Some growers claim that home-made non-commercial colloidal silver is far more potent than commercially available ones.

To make your home-made solution, you need a 9-volt battery, a connector, 2 alligator clips, silver coin or jewelry and a tub of distilled water. Connect 2 alligator clips to a 9-volt battery through a connector in its each of its red and black wires. Connect the alligator clips to a silver coin or jewelry and let the silver touch the distilled water but not the alligator clips. This will cause the silver ions to float on the distilled water. It is advised to leave this for seven hours, no more no less, or there will be much less ion or too much particle buildup in your water.

Apply this mixture by spray onto the female plant while they are flowering. Spray them every day, once or twice, which will take less than two weeks or 10-18 days in a row, depending on the different varieties of plants and their growing conditions.

The silver ion inhibits the ethylene production needed by the plant to produce female flowers just like the silver thiosulfate method and they will form pollen sacs instead after their gender change.
After all these, you may proceed to naturally fertilize your plant as mentioned earlier in the STS method. Once male sacs developed, it will take some time for it to open and produce yellowish pollen which will take 2-3 weeks. You may also collect this pollen manually using smooth-surfaced materials for pollinating only the desired plants or for storage.

It is important to note however to not consume or smoke any part of the plant that was sprayed with the colloidal silver solution. Colloidal silver has some serious effects on the health and the part sprayed with it should not be consumed. Colloidal silver can cause serious side effects. The most common is argyria, a bluish-gray discoloration of the skin, which is usually permanent. Colloidal silver can also cause poor absorption of some drugs, such as certain antibiotics and thyroxine as used to treat thyroid deficiency. Silver thiosulfate is, on the other hand, is only an irritant.


Rodelization method, on the other hand, is a completely natural method of stressing the plant by uprooting, drying, and other methods. The stress that the plant will undergo which threatens its survival will trigger a biological response that will make the female plant grow pollen sacs to continue their breed. Because of this, there is a higher probability that the seed produced is female. This literal ‘panic mode’ makes the plant enter self-pollination mode.

In the rodelization method, the flowers are hung to dry and are being carefully being taken off the drying lines to remove male bananas. Once the male bananas or pollen sacs emerge, you can harvest it naturally and choose which bud and cola that you wish to glaze with this pollen. These male bananas could also be kept in a sealed bag and may remain potent for two months when kept in a fridge.

The production of female marijuana seeds to boost your yield is guaranteed by using these methods.

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