how to feminize cannabis seeds

The Miracle of Marijuana Feminizing

The marijuana industry has developed more over the past 15 years than it has in the last decades. Society has also developed, letting marijuana and the idea of marijuana to slowly make its way in pop culture, with massive strains available also as accessories for consuming or smoking marijuana. Currently, everyone can grow marijuana in their own houses with all the essential equipment to make their own strains. How to feminize weed seeds is often asked. So in this article, we are going to show you how to feminize cannabis seeds. You will not require a lot of items to do so, and the ones you do require are quite easy to get. 

Why Feminize?

Feminizing seeds are quite efficient for outdoor and indoor setup. Resources, time, and area are not given to plants that would be thrown away 2 weeks after the 12 to 12 flip. Likewise, outdoors where the large plants could consume a lot of resources and time in upkeep before the autumn show of flowers, feminizing seeds are as well a good way to decrease guerilla crop pollinating. There is nothing deficient than bush-bashing out a safely hidden cannabis crop only to discover two have infused every female cannabis plant or rogue male. 

How to feminize seeds?

How to feminize marijuana seeds? When breeding marijuana, growers would purposely pollinate their females in order to get definite traits in the babies. Although, sometimes the breeders are not searching to cross two cannabis strains in the desire of acquiring a particular trait. When the breeder balanced a particular trait, he would look to the massive production of the baby with absolutely those traits he might do so by feminizing seeds that the “mother plant” generates.

While in the wild without any human meddling, marijuana plants generate mainly female cannabis seeds once they perceive that they are close to the end of their lifetime. Feminization is basically a procedure of pushing the plant to generate as many female cannabis seeds as possible, by creating it. In order to thrive and expand its genetic materials as much as possible, plants would mainly make female cannabis seeds, and a very small percentage of male cannabis seeds, because a small amount of male cannabis plants could pollinate a colossal amount of female cannabis plants. This is why the procedure of pushing the plant to generate female seeds is called feminization. There are some ways to execute seed feminization. Each plant is different, even though they all boil down to the same exact thing- obtaining female seeds. Several methods are more effective than others, that is why they’re preferred by a lot of producers and growers. This is how to feminize seeds.

3 Ways to Feminized

Feminizing seeds with colloidal silver

Colloidal silver is a material made from microscopic grains of silver, that is the string in liquid. Grains of silver are lesser 100nm (nanometers) in size and totally unreal to the naked eye. You could get container colloidal silver on Amazon, or you could make it yourself, that is very simple. If you are going to use it only a few times don’t mind creating it, just buy a couple of bottles. Colloidal silver works by slowing down female flowering hormones in marijuana. The outcome of this is that the male hormones command and so male flowers are generated. By doing such a thing, you turn your healthy female cannabis plants into males. After that, you utilize the pollen that comes off that plant to pollinate other plants. 

After you pollinate the other female cannabis plant, they would generate feminized cannabis seeds. This strategy is conditional and yields female cannabis seeds in a massive number. Marijuana is famous to yield hundreds of seeds after being pollinated. The colloidal silver method assures that you continuously get feminized seeds. 

Here’s how to utilize it:

Spray colloidal silver on the branches every 3 days before shifting the lights to 12-12 and continue spraying it till you begin seeing the first male cannabis flowers. The more you utilize it, the more pollen sacks you would get. As the plant matures it would generate pollen that must be utilized and collected to pollinate other female cannabis flowers. Collect the new cannabis seeds and plant them to have the next generation of the same plant. 

Feminizing with Gibberellic acid

Feminizing seeds with Gibberellic acid is even an effortless way to feminize cannabis seeds. Gibberellic acid could also be purchased in stores, and it is mainly available in powder form. Gibberellic acid is not costly at all, you could order it online or purchase a whole box for as low as $15 bucks. 

Blend the Gibberellic acid with water so it gets up to 100 ppm (parts per million), and sprinkle that acid/water blend on the plant once a day, for 10 succeeding days during the flowering stage, and male cannabis flowers would be generated. After that, put the pollen from the “gibberellic acid” male cannabis flowers on other healthy female cannabis plants. Those plants would yield feminized seeds after being pollinated. 

Feminizing with the rodelization method

The rodelization method is the slowest so far, the least effective, and the least assured to work out of these 3 methods. Rodelization requires not harvesting flowers after they have bloomed but instead forcing the plant to turn male, in order to protect itself. After the plant has flowered, you are required to leave it like that for another several weeks. The plant would then stress itself and grow several male flowers, in the venture to pollinate itself once more. If your plant succeeds, you will need to wait an extra few weeks to get satisfactory seeds that are prepared for sowing. Remember this method isn’t as dependable as the other two, and it yields a smaller amount of seeds. This is nature’s way of feminizing seeds, even though like everything if not with nature, it takes a lot of time. A lot of time compared to the colloidal silver and gibberellic acid. 

All these elements male rodelization the most organic, but for growers the worst possible feminization methods, so far. 

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