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Top 10 Scary Marijuana Stories

During these times, people find it hard to accept some stories of Marijuana plants harming their brother users due to its organic, herbal and natural properties. How can we even believe that they may die with it, when in fact, Marijuana is a nature’s magical wonder? How can a simple buying of marijuana seeds lead you to a certain danger?

You may still not believe, but scary marijuana stories usage gone bad to exist. Correction, not bad, it turned to worst. Below are the following scary stories about marijuana use.

10 Scary Marijuana Stories

Lollipop almost killed a Man

First of the scary weed stories. It happened this year, when an old man mistakenly identified a lollipop with Cannabis edibles as CBD-rich, due to his problem with sleep patterns.

Our poor grandpa consumed a whole lollipop with a horrible amount of THC volume that may reach 90 milligrams, many times higher than the average content of a rolled weed!

Instead of sedation and relaxation, this old guy experienced terrible hallucinations and collapsed. He was eventually rushed to the hospital and declared suffering from a heart attack.

Luckily, he survived this unfortunate event, but things may never be the same again, as this plain moment of seeking for comfort and healing turned into a violent and fatal happening, seriously putting the old man into a possible sudden and painful death.

Teenage Mom left her baby on the car roof while driving

In 2012, a court charged a teenage mom guilty with the case Driving Under the Influence of Marijuana in Maricopa County, Arizona.

This case of Drugged driving is no longer new to all Arizonans. However, this case has been unique due to the story of this drugged woman driving along with a major road network with her boyfriend, while the baby was left on the car roof!

As soon as the woman drove to their destination, the baby left on the roof strapped with a child safety seat, which could have probably saved the baby from sustaining any injuries. Worse is they realized that the baby went missing when they are on the middle of their transit going to their destination, 12 miles away from their home.

Ultimately, the court convicted them and imprisoned for years.

Extracting Marijuana Oil triggered a big fire

It was an ordinary day in San Bernardino when a fire broke in one of its residential areas, turning a house into ashes. What makes it remarkable? Marijuana Oil Extractions.

The fire engulfed the residence in a matter of hours and the extractions contained in glasses and butane leak made it worse, turning the area into a part of hell as explosions rock Victorville, San Bernardino.

Luckily, no reports of death declared but the butane rockets will forever be remembered.

Woman held on $3M bail in a fatal Porsche crash

Road accidents are not new to us anymore and it really cost thousands of dollars or even higher just to settle cases like these, in and out of the court.

This scenario happened in San Diego last 2016, when a Korean woman drove under the undeniable influence of Marijuana and crashed to another car, killing the passenger of another car on the spot.

What made this worse is that the crashed vehicle is a vintage 1956 Porsche. Worst is that the owner of the vintage car and his passenger are already engaged and set to marry soon.

The court ordered her to bail for worth $3 million and set to another hearing during that year.

A Drugged man broke a woman’s jaw

In 2013, a 31-year-old man was arrested due to multiple law cases, the worst is when he punched a woman, strong enough to break her jaws in three places.

The suspect confronted his victim and first chased with fire tongs before punching the poor woman on her jaw. After this incident, the woman immediately rushed to a nearby hospital but transferred to a bigger facility due to the damage extent she sustained from the assault.

The policemen immediately arrested this guy who faces other cases because of his children’s easy access to Marijuana items he is using, endangering the children’s safety.

Five children ate Marijuana Edibles

Yes, you read it right, and they ate it inside the school premises in Goodyear, Arizona!

The five children, ages 10 to 11 were quickly attended by firefighters because of a marijuana edible they consumed, in the form of a lollipop possibly containing significant levels of THC.

Investigators said that the candy is impossible to trace where it came from because that was possibly collected during a trick or treat from the previous year. The good thing with this horrible event is that no one from them required higher medical attention and were not rushed to a hospital.

Mother smoked weeds with her children

Young, wild and free as Snoop Dogg may sing, but smoking marijuana is not good for everybody- especially to your kids.

A mother was imprisoned by the court in San Tan Valley because of smoking marijuana rolls with her children and other minors inside their household.

As the police searched for traces of evidence in her home, they have seen pieces of paraphernalia in the rooms of her children ages 11-16. Because of this, the woman was finally convicted by the court and faces piles of serious charges, the worst is the failure to protect her children from Marijuana substance.

Father gives a weed to his baby

Also one of the scary cannabis stories. Happened in Minneapolis last 2015, a man named Richard Martin and his wife Molly was convicted with several charges, including Child Neglect due to his act of letting his baby smoke weed with him. The baby was just 14 months old.

The alarmed neighbors called the police attention due to visible activities of their drugged neighbor planting and smoking Marijuana within his household and his wife, drying up some marijuana leaves for their consumption.

Apart from it, the neighbors are also concerned with the baby and their other 10-year-old child, usually escaping during the times that the child’s parents smoke weed and create loud parties inside their home.

A small trace of Marijuana burned homes worth $2 million

A teenager burned several houses in Massachusetts last 2014 during its pot session. As the teenager used a blow torch to light his rolled weed, the user then decided to burn some homes, including a hard-earned house of a Christian Family living within the incident’s location.

The teenager was so high that maybe he thought that these homes are woods for great campfires. Luckily, no one was hurt or died with the devastation.

However, the cost of this arson reached a total of $2 million dollars.

Ludlow High School students hospitalized after ingesting high-grade marijuana

Another case of Marijuana ingestion happened in Massachusetts and this time, it happened inside a high school at Ludlow.

Two high school students, a freshman, and a junior have cooked a marijuana extract inside the campus and mixed the extract with their e-cigarettes. Upon investigation, police officers said that there are possible students who also consumed high-grade Cannabis but are still on the process of verification.

Due to this incident, the school ordered a soft lockdown and checked their students for possible Marijuana ingestion.

Fortunately, the 2 students are safe and far from any other life-threatening conditions, as may happen due to this powerful chemical.

Lessons from their Stories

If you don’t wanna read or hear more about scary marijuana stories or scary stories about marijuana use. Marijuana users should consume the seeds and strains responsibly, far from minors and dangerous materials, so that smokers can exercise their right freely, without affecting other’s safety.

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