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Top 6 Cannabis Seed Banks in California (An Updated List)

If you’re asking about seed banks, these are interesting topics in the marijuana industry. Since marijuana is legal to purchase and grow in some of the states, and many California seed banks are found online. Before you order from California seed banks online and germinate your marijuana seeds, you need to know where you want to grow. The indoor conditions are manageable, but you will need to manage the lighting and water to create the ideal weather for cultivation. Outdoor growers get a little more flexibility, but they must remain aware of exposure and accessibility to schools and neighbors. 

As you browse the California seed banks online list, you will see many references to feminized seed. If you want a marijuana crop that is 100% female, it’s fairly easy to make it happen, and it all begins with the seed. The feminized seed from California seed banks online is genetically modified to guarantee at least 95% of female marijuana plants. Below are lists of cannabis seed banks in California.


Sunwest Genetics has already been in the position since 2005. They research marijuana with the aim of creating unique and new strains, preserving existing strains, and improving the current strains. They are also actively funded by groups fighting to legalize marijuana. Their products range from Hybrid Seeds, Feminized Seeds, and Autoflowering Seeds.

Sunwest Genetics will charge $10 for standard shipping. It provides 2 to 7 days in certain areas of Canada while deliveries in the USA would then take 7 to 21 days.

Sunwest Genetics also provides Express Registered with the Tracking Shipping at $30 to $60. These alternatives make sure that the product will be delivered. If the product is seized, the product would be returned. The shipping time for North America is between 5 – 7 days. For several other countries, delivery takes between 7 – 14 days. 


Accepts transactions via cash, Visa with 10% bank charges, Mastercard with 10% bank charges, and Bitcoin. 

Canadian clients also have the option of paying via Interact-E transfers. You can visit the payment details on their site.


Guarantees 80% of germination rate


Free toll number: +1 (800) 805-7835. You could also make orders on the phone.
Hours of operation: 9 a.m. – 8 p.m. (Pacific Time)
Email Address:


Crop King Seeds was established in 2005. They are famous to be one of the biggest seed banks in the world working in close collaboration with various retail brands with actual shopfronts. They are very reputable in Canada also with foreign clients as well. They offer a wide range of items available depending on your choice, like the following:

Feminized seeds

Auto-Flowering feminized seeds
Dwarf auto-feminized seeds
High CBD strains for medicinal purposes, like Auto Cheese and CBDutch.
Apart from the range of products they provide, they also offer exceptional customer service.


Delivers Globally. The delivery price is $10 for standard delivery. Delivers 2-7 working days in some areas of Canada.


Accepts payment through Visa, Bitcoin, and Mastercard.
Canadian clients also have the option of paying via Interact-E transfers.


Guarantees 80 % of the total of the germination period. If the seeds may not germinate, you should reach out to their customer service and a new set of seeds will be sent to you.


Phone number: +1 844 276 7546 (USA), +1 604 563 0291 (Canada and Worldwide)
Email Address:


MJ Seeds Canada was established in 2009. Their goal is to find the perfect strains and deliver them to their clients. They do have contacts from several suppliers that enable them to get the best deals when they purchase in bulk. Their products consist of, but not limited to, medicinal marijuana seeds, auto-flowering seeds, and regular feminized seeds. 


Ship Globally.


MJ Seeds Canada offers a guaranteed delivery fee of $30 to $60. This shipping choice enables the company to monitor the shipping. If the product is seized, the product will be returned and delivered again.


Accepts payments via Cash, Mastercard, Bitcoin, and Visa.

Canadian customers also have the option of paying through Interact-E transfers. Guarantees are at least 80% of the germination rate following the “Cup of Water and Paper Towel Seeds Germination Method”.


Phone number: 1855 657 3337
International number: +1 (604) 563 0359
Email Address:
They also have chat support on their website and additional Information.


Free seeds with a value of up to $50 when you purchase products worth $100.
Free 5 additional seeds if you purchase feminized seeds.
10  free additional seeds if you purchase regular seeds.


Sonoma Seeds expand their products naturally. They are selling top-quality marijuana and guarantee premium quality products.


Sonoma Seeds gives a $10 regular shipping fee. Delivers 3 – 7 days to Canada and 7 – 14 days to the United States. Delivery in other countries varies and may take up to 7 – 14 days. 

Apart from regular shipping, they also offer Express Tracking with a $30 tracking number. Delivers 3 – 5 days for Canada and 7 to 14 days for the United States.


Accepts payments through Cash, Visa with 10% bank Fee, MoneyGram, Bitcoin, and Mastercard with 10% bank fee, and Canadian customers also have a choice of paying through Interact-E transfers.


Sonoma Seeds Hours: Monday-Sunday 9 am-8 pm Pacific
Phone: 1.855.766.6627


The company Rocket Seeds has connections with other seed suppliers, like Crop King Seeds, Sonoma Seeds, and Sun West Genetics, which have also been mentioned in this article. They boast a total of 3,000 varieties of Cannabis Seeds available to buy with them. Their products include feminized seeds, regular seeds, auto-flowering seeds, and seeds with high THC and CBD strains.


Rocket Seeds provides a $10 monthly shipping fee. Delivers 2 – 7 days for Canada and 7 – 21 days for the United States and other countries. 

Apart from regular shipping, they also offer Express Registered Shipping with a tracking number. Delivers 2 – 5 days for Canada and 7 – 14 days for the United States and other countries. Delivery by North America might take between 5 – 7 days.


Accepts payments through Cash, Visa, Mastercard, Money Transfers, Bitcoin, and Paypal

Canadian customers also have a choice to pay via Interact-E transfers.


Email address:
Phone Number: +1 800 805 7835
Working days: Mondays to Sundays from 9:00 AM to 8:00 PM

Buds and Roses

Buds and Roses, located in Los Angeles, was founded in 2007. They are proud to say that they only sell high-quality seeds. The staff is approachable and polite. This is one of the seed banks in California.

Support The USA is built up of various states that have different regulations when it comes to cannabis or marijuana. It is understood that 11 states have already legalized marijuana, including Alaska, Colorado, Maine, Illinois, Michigan, Massachusetts, Nevada, Vermont, Oregon, California, and Washington. Marijuana has been legal in California since 1996. Sixty% of marijuana developed in the United States was said to have been grown in Trinity, Mendocino, and Humboldt. These are three counties, all of them are California marijuana seed banks .

It’s important to note that cannabis production has been an open secret in California for countless years. It has recently become legal, but the company has been flourishing in the state since 1795. Many marijuana growers plan to migrate to California to begin their own cultivation company there. If you’re one of them, the first thing you need is seeds. It’s difficult to look for California Seed banks online, but there are a number of reputable seed banks that deliver to California as well.

Interstate Transportation of Marijuana

Note that while it is legal to grow marijuana seeds in California under federal law, it is still illegal to move marijuana from one state to another. That is to suggest that you should not bring Cannabis seeds from other states to California. But once you’re inside California, it would be pretty easy. Just get familiar with the rules and regulations that have been implemented there, and that you should not encounter any problems. 

Seed Banks Online

It is hard to search for seed banks in California but as mentioned above, there are many reputable and reliable online seedbanks that ship to California.

Final Thoughts

California seed bank online are growing everywhere. It will still be advisable to stick with a famous and reliable seed bank that could ship globally like those mentioned above. They not only offer value to your money but give you peace of mind that they will indeed be shipped.

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