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Tuna Kush Strain Review and Growing Tips

Tuna Kush strain is a British Columbian trophy strain that is popular in the medicinal field. It is an Indica dominant strain that is known to be the brother of Hindu Kush. To preserve the freshness of this strain, it is sealed in a can with a user-friendly pop-top lid so that you can bring it anywhere. It is sealed with aluminum that is odorless and can create an airtight environment where humidity is well controlled. It is known to be “the gas” because of its extremely strong aroma.


This strain has been notoriously popular for its potency and high THC content as influenced by its Indica-dominant characteristics. Tuna Kush characteristics are distinct from other strains because of their appearance, smell, and flavor. It is across from Herijuana and Lamb’s Bread. Placing it in a can is one of the most effective ways of storing this strain in a discrete way because of its pungent smell indicating its potency. This is a nighttime strain because of its effects that are relaxing and it can give a body high.

Appearance, Taste, and Aroma

This strain has dense buds with trichomes that are covered in sticky crystal-hairs. Its buds are covered in completely green color with complimentary leaves in purple hues. This Tuna strain is characterized to have strong flavors and aroma like a gas-like tone with the sweetness of intermixed fruits indicating its potency. Even though this strain has buds that are small dense nuggets, no one would belittle this strain because it is extremely potent.


This strain is an Indica strain that is usually defined by its couch-lock effects because of its relaxing vibe. It is best for those who are having problems with appetite chronic pain and sleeping disorders. At its 27% THC content, it will surely provide extreme effects that is why experts would recommend to take it slowly because it might provide adverse effects even just for a few hits.

Growing Medium

This Tuna kush strain seeds has characteristics from the Kush family considering it to be a hardy strain that can be grown whether indoors or outdoors. This may be a not so high yield strain but for sure, you will not be dismayed at its small appearance because its skills are comparable to some strains that are potent. If grown indoors since this strain emits a nearly foul odor, you may need to use ventilation or an air filter so that the aroma can easily be managed. On average, it has a yield of about 17 ounces per square meter when grown indoors and 16 ounces per square meter in an outdoor growing.

Tips in Growing Tuna Kush Strain

Tip #1 Growing Medium

This Tuna OG Kush strain grows well for both indoors or outdoor growing. This is a medium-sized cannabis plant so if you are concerned about its size you may consider different techniques such as the Screen of Green or Sea of Green Technique. This is a strain that also responds well to the hydroponics method that involves an inert growing method. When you have decided to use hydroponics method, be sure to give your cannabis plant enough nutrients in all growing phases.

Tip #2 Feeding this strain

It is necessary that this strain receives the big 3, Nitrogen, Phosphorous and potassium in all growing phase but aside from these three, calcium and magnesium are also important. Calcium is the number 1 element why this strain is a hard plant because it gives enough stamina to withstand stress and it also provides structure to the cannabis plant while the Magnesium protects the overall health of the leaves and the roots.

Tip #3 Growing at the right temperature

The generic temperature level to grow this strain is between 65-80 degrees Fahrenheit. It can handle lower temperatures at night but make sure to decrease the humidity level if it enters the flowering stage and during the vegetative stage, keep a  temperature close at 80 degrees Fahrenheit. This Tuna Kush strain is no picky in its environment but following the range for the temperature will help it grow healthily and maturely in all growing phases.

Tip #4 Harvesting and Curing

This Tuna Kush strain is ready for harvest within 8 weeks. It is said that the potency of the strain is well enhanced when properly harvested and cured. This is an important stage especially when you decided to store it in a can to ensure that its freshness will be sealed and that it won’t be infested with molds for longer storage.

This is another potent strain that is renowned for its great qualities. The strain’s potency, flavor, and aroma is thoroughly enhanced when given proper care and guidance throughout its growing phase. You can never go wrong with this strain because it has a lot to offer recreationally and medicinally.

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