Vaping vs Smoking Weed: Which Makes You High the Most?

Before we get to know if vaping cannabis can make you higher than smoking it, let us know first whether you can smoke or vape the marijuana seeds too. First, how to buy marijuana seeds? The marijuana seeds have more than 400 chemicals and they also carry THC, a kind of chemical that gives a mind-altering effect. A good quality marijuana seeds have a brown color and usually have a tiger stripes pattern, and it should be hard when you squeeze it. You can actually purchase marijuana seeds at seed banks online. Can you smoke or vape marijuana seeds? It is not a good idea to smoke these things because they will only give you sore throat or headache despite having THC chemicals.

So, let us go back which would make you high the most: vaping or smoking? Vaping is a way where you have to inhale and exhale the vapor coming from cannabis using a vape pen, a delicate and easy way to consume cannabis products. While in smoking, consumers do hand-rolled cigarettes which are normally called joints, they sometimes use pipes or bongs to smoke cannabis.

There are some studies that say inhaling cannabis that is vaporized can get users higher than smoking the exact number of weed. Does this mean that vaping cannabis is better than smoking cannabis? The truth is that they are distinct from each other, but both of them will get you ripped just which will give you a higher feeling. Learn the differences between smoking and vaping and their effects to know which makes you high most. This article is about vaping vs smoking weed.

Vaping Cannabis

Vaping vs smoking cannabis permits the consumer to taste more variations between strains. It produces stronger flavor which means consumers can taste cannabinoid profiles and individual terpenes of every strain more clearly. But as soon as the session ends, the flavor will seriously drop off.

The consumer can also easily control the temperature when vaping, plus it is more discreet and convenient than smoking. Almost all smoking cannabis have heat settings that can be adjusted giving you full control of the temperature during the vaping session. Vaping marijuana is also discreet because it does not produce odor to the user, especially if it set at a lower temperature.

Vaping is effective when it comes to extracting the cannabinoids from the dry herb. Plus, it is safer than smoking because it does not need matches or lighter to open a flame.

Effects of Vaping

The effects are to some extent different from what you can get in smoking. There is a study that discovered vaping cannabis can give a stronger feeling of high than smoking.
Vaping weed produces more dose of THC which increases the chance of harmful reactions especially for first-timer or those who do not use cannabis on a daily basis.

Smoking Cannabis

The best advantage of smoking cannabis than vaping is that it normally gives more extreme general effects. Smoking also is not that expensive unlike vaping where you have to purchase a solid device for vaporizing the dry plant. These vaping devices are not cheap. While in smoking, you just roll up a joint and you are good to go!

Smoking cannabis is also simple and does not need a lot of practice unlike in vaping where you have to learn how to curve, and it takes many experiences to know how to vape cannabis correctly. Of course, smoking is not as effective as vaping because some consumers tend to burn through their stash in a quick manner. Once the joint has been smoked it is all gone forever. While in vaping, the herb is heated up slowly producing more chances to extract even the last THC drop.

Unlike in vaping, smoking weed gives users a burnt smell and what’s worse is that it stays longer in your clothes. Smoking also does not give consumers the full control and it also difficult to recognize the distinctions between strains except if you are really an experienced one who already knows how to discern the different flavor of strains.

Effects of Smoking

Smoking cannabis can give the consumer more extreme effects because it can quickly produce a more intense euphoric effect. The high temperature of fire instantly releases all of the cannabinoids such as THC who is responsible for giving more sedative effects.

So, which process can make you high the most?

Smoking cannabis is the traditional way and it could give an extreme euphoric effect because of the high temperature brought by fire. It is also the cheapest way to start heating up cannabis quickly, but sometimes the distinctions of every strain are hard to recognize due to uncontrollable temperature. The good thing about vaping is that it gives a more robust taste especially if it comes from good-quality vaporizers, and you can easily control the temperature.

There are studies that vaping makes you high the most than smoking because you can quickly discern the variation between strains giving you the full flavor. Plus, vaping produced more potency at every dosage with all the studies that said vaping provides higher TCH concentrations in users’ blood. There are also errors in users’ cognitive examinations and self-reports that they have experienced a higher feeling.

Many people are using cannabis for medical and recreational purposes due to the legalization of it that is continuously spreading around the world. Nowadays, there are thirty US states and many countries in Europe approved the utilization of cannabis for both recreational and medicinal. This sparks for many people to start a business in growing and marketing cannabis plants.

Vaporizing becomes the more favored way to consume cannabis, and laws changes make cannabis easily available. Knowing and understanding the ways of consuming cannabis and how it can affect consumers is a necessary step in making sure the high feeling is fulfilled. However, it all still depends on your perception. Both vaping vs smoking marijuana have positive and negative effects, what matters most is that you do not put yourself into danger by using too much. Everything is good as long it is on a moderate level.

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