diseases treated by marijuana

Various Diseases that is Commonly Treated by Marijuana

Making use of marijuana as a treatment is already known in different places in the United States. This is one of the reasons why they consider it legal because they know that people can benefit from it a lot. As a matter of fact, people have already been using marijuana even in the early days. It only means that it doesn’t give serious side effects making it favorable for medical use. There are diseases treated by marijuana.

Common Diseases Where You Can Find Marijuana Helpful

If you want to consider marijuana as a treatment, then you should be aware of the diseases that it can possibly cure. You can search for the information online and even identify the strains that are perfect for your conditions. Each strain will have its own effects so it is really necessary that you do your part in acquiring more details in order for you to obtain the results you want.

To make it easier for you to learn more about the uses of marijuana as a medication, here are just a few of the common diseases that can be treated by marijuana.

  • The usual reason why people use marijuana is to relieve the pain they feel. This can be caused by headaches, cancer, glaucoma, or the pain that you feel in your nerves.

  • It can also help in treating muscle spasms that are caused by multiple sclerosis.

  • It can prevent nausea if ever that you are undergoing chemotherapy to cure cancer.

  • It can help in dealing with poor appetite and weight loss because of suffering from chronic types of diseases like HIV or nerve pain.

  • It can also be used as a treatment for seizures and Crohn’s disease.

The high that people experience from smoking marijuana can also help them overcome depression, stress, and anxiety. It uplifts their moods and provides them happiness. So if ever that you feel low and you have nothing to do, then you can sit in a corner and then try puffing weeds as long as you are ready for the effects. You can choose those strains that will not put you into couch-lock if ever that you are a beginner smoker.

Most Common Conditions that Can Be Treated by Marijuana

Multiple Sclerosis

The disease that affects the spinal cord and brain is called Multiple Sclerosis. The symptoms alter both in severity and types but usually include spasm, pain, tingling, vision problems, balance issues, and more. A study that was published in the Multiple Sclerosis Journal discovered that marijuana-based medical extracts could outstandingly reduce the spasticity and pain related to multiple sclerosis while having some adverse effects on patients. One of the diseases treated by marijuana.

Spinal Cord Injury

Created by injury to the spine, the spinal cord injuries are known to impact motor skills and could possibly be the first to entire loss function in some areas of the body. These diseases treated by weed, Study suggests marijuana could medicate patients treat the pain and muscle spasms that are sometimes symptomatic of a spinal cord injury, with researchers from the Oxford Center for Enablement noting the “Marijuana medical extracts could enhance neurogenic symptoms unresponsive to standard treatments.”

Spinal Cord Disease

Spinal Cord Disease refers to any spinal cord problems that developed for reasons other than injury. These diseases treated with weed are multiple sclerosis, syringomyelia, spinal stenosis, and spina bifida could be considered as an example of spinal cord diseases. Credits to marijuana’s ability to relieve pain and spasticity, the two most usual symptoms related to spinal cord disease, individual patients living with a spinal cord disease may discover therapeutic value in using marijuana-based medicines.


Cancer is the leading cause of death in Canada and is responsible for around 30% of all death, it is according to data reported by the Canadian Cancer Society. It could awfully decrease the intensity of symptoms and enhance the quality of life for patients, while marijuana cannot cure cancer. Research shows that both CBD and THC can boost appetite that might help with the weight loss, cachexia, and anorexia that every cancer patient experiences. Additionally, marijuana is very effective at fighting nausea caused by conventional cancer treatments such as chemotherapy. This is one of the illnesses treated with marijuana.


The diseases treated with cannabis named AIDS/HIV treatment have come a long way for the last decades. The side effects of the treatment could be challenging to deal with, while modern therapy allows those with HIV/AIDS to live long and mostly with a healthy life. This is where medical marijuana comes in. The number of research appears that medical marijuana could enhance many HIV/AIDS-related symptoms such as weight loss, anorexia, severe nausea, and many more. For example, research that was published in the Journal of Pain and Symptom Management discovered that 97% of HIV patients reported an improved appetite with medical marijuana treatment, while 94% experienced reduced muscle pain, and 93% reported improvement to both anxiety and nausea.


Another diseases marijuana can treat is Arthritis is a term that refers to the inflammation of a joint. There are over 100 different kinds of arthritis, and some of the common types include rheumatoid arthritis, psoriatic arthritis, and osteoarthritis. Symptoms usually include redness and swelling around the joint, stiffness, weakness, range of motion, and severe ongoing pain. It is the final symptom that marijuana is most effective at treating.


According to the figures gathered by Statistics Canada, Epilepsy is a neurological state that affects almost 140,000 Canadians that a diseases marijuana helps treat. This condition is characterized by seizures that range from mild to extreme conditions. Marijuana-based medicine and CBD-dominant products in specific have proven to be very effective at decreasing the frequency and intensity of epilepsy seizures. Medical marijuana must only be used in treating seizures.

Inflammatory Bowel Disease

Inflammatory bowel diseases treated by marijuana are described as the outcome of inflammation of the digestive tract such as Crohn’s disease and colitis. The study that was published in Digestion found that IBC patients experience a variety of health benefits from using marijuana. Elements such as physical pain, general health perception, social functioning, depression, and ability to work all saw remarkably improved results.

End of Life Care

Research shows that medical marijuana might also be an effective treatment alternative in palliative care that could be vital in the years ahead as many nations come to matters with aging populations. The study was published in Current Oncology discover that medical marijuana can “provide further ease from distressing symptoms and spiritual suffering” while enhancing a patient’s overall quality of life.


The study states that both CBD and THC-dominant marijuana-based medicines give effective therapy for a wide range of sleep disorders such as insomnia. Marijuana is believed to decrease sleep latency, creating drowsiness, and enhance the quality of sleep.

When medicating yourself with marijuana, doctors can give you a marijuana card so that you can easily buy it from medical dispensaries. This is applicable to those people who are living in areas where marijuana is already considered legal.

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