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What is Hybrid Weed High Like

Marijuana strains are highly in demand these days due to the medicinal benefits it can provide. With that being said, there are numerous strains that are available. As soon as consumer steps inside a dispensary, viable products can be overwhelming. At this point, there are already more than 750 cannabis strains and counting. A new breed is being discovered even as you read this article. This is the result of a marijuana hybrid. What is hybrid weed strain, what is hybrid weed high like, is hybrid marijuana real, and what are the hybrid weed effects? Let’s explore the hybrid side of cannabis.

What is Hybrid weed?

What is hybrid weed? People who use marijuana are familiar that there are different kinds of strains available in the market. However, when we say marijuana hybrid it is not just simply a combination of two strains. There are other variables to be considered if you want to develop a hybrid type of weed. Here are the four categories of hybrid strains that directs the variance of the high it can induce.

Sativa : Sativa

With this type of hybrid, breeders make use of two different Sativa strains. There are features that can make people distinguish this kind of cannabis. It appears tall that makes it look like a tree. Aside from that, the weed is known to induce a cerebral high to the patients using marijuana.

Indica : Indica

The explanation is simple. Growers get different Indica strains and they derive a new strain from it. The visible attributes of this kind of cannabis are its short height and it tends to get shrubby. People who grow this strain are required to provide regular pruning as the bushes can get branchy. The Indica type of weed has a reputation for the masses of inducing the stoned effect throughout the body.

Indica : Sativa

In this kind of combination, growers will create a weed that has Indica dominance. It would still have the usual features of an Indica strain but with an added firepower of the cerebral approach from its Sativa genetics.

Sativa : Indica

The hybrid produced from this deviation is quite strong. The Sativa component of this type of strain is dominant so people are expected to experience adequate psychoactive effects. The Indica strain will provide the balance where the consumers can get to new heights of having a cerebral euphoria accompanied by the couch locking principle of an Indica strain.

Effects of hybrid cannabis

Depending on the parentage of the strain, hybrid effects can differ from one strain to another. It is not surprising as it is the same as other marijuana strains whether it is a Sativa, Indica, or hybrid.

Sativa dominant hybrid

The overall effect of this cannabis is the uplifting mood it can bring to the consumers. People can have a guaranteed relaxation whether it is physically or mentally. It usually used during the day. This kind of strain is not equipped with the heavy sedation factor that can make patients feel pinned down on a couch. It generates the energy needed of a person to get through the day while getting the relief they need for mind and body.

Indica dominant hybrid

If you are the type of user who seeks something extraordinary, the Indica dominant marijuana hybrids are perfect. It provides an intense kind of high to the consumer. Also, it is cannabis widely used in managing pain. However, be wary of the potency upon using this weed. The strong feature it has is usually armed with a sedative component. This strain is highly recommended for night time use. These weeds are popular not just to people who are in agonizing pain but also to those who are suffering from insomnia.

How is hybrid marijuana created?

Is hybrid marijuana real? When people hear breeding strains of marijuana, it is not as easy as putting the two together. There are certain steps and methods that need to be followed. Even with that, the composition varies from one hybrid to another. Some hybrid weeds take time and others require strenuous cultivation procedures. This is where the expert growers come in. Sticking one strain to another can already be considered a hybrid. However, most experienced growers know that there is more to it than that. The kind of preparation and cultivation vary if the purpose of breeding is to produce seeds that are unstable, stable, or a clone.

Unstable Seeds

Growing this kind of seeds is easy. It is the result of a test run whereas there is no further evaluation has been done. It is just a matter of testing out two seeds together and even novice growers can already produce a seed. This type of seed is not the one consumers can see at the marijuana dispensaries. The logic is simple as no sellers would want to sell something of the same name yet with varying effects. The consistency of the cannabis is not applicable to an unstable seed. Selling these can backfire at the dispensaries.

Stable Seeds

The stable hybrid seeds take a long time before it is fully developed and ready for commercial distribution. One test run will not be enough as the breeders will have to ensure the stability of the strain. It is considered stable once they have created the final seed which provides the same effects on a consistent basis. These are the usual seeds that you can find from marijuana stores.

Clone only strain

This type of hybrid seed is meticulously grown to reach its maturity as the plant is equipped with specific characteristics. Once the growth level has been achieved, the breeders will then make a clone based on the genetics of the specific cannabis. Through this process, there is an assurance that the attributes of the marijuana plant will stay intact as the clones are disseminated through a commercial sale. Growers can often see these types of seeds that are based on rare marijuana plants. The breeders are careful not to change any qualities of the plant.


Marijuana hybrids are strains specifically developed for certain attributes. With that said the high it can bring may still vary. What is hybrid weed? The answers differ on a case to case basis. However, it is a fact that hybrids are produced through the combination of strains. It just depends on the type of strain that will be used to determine the outcome of hybrid marijuana. There are cases when the strain was intentionally developed to create a satisfying stoned feeling to the user or a calming euphoria. It can be safe to say that hybrids are the advanced version of the traditional strains that are developed on an even balanced effect.

These strains are nurtured to directly impact physical or cerebral aches respectively depending on how the weed was developed. These are the things that you need to know about hybrid strains. Even though a strain is considered a hybrid, it can still fall on different categories. Marijuana strains whether a hybrid, Sativa or Indica can impose a different kind of high on the people using it. It will always be based on the component it has from the lineage or parentage of the cannabis. Hybrids can appear on an intense or mellow kind of high. Also, it can be appropriate for the physical or mental needs of the person.

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