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White Buffalo Strain Information

The White buffalo strain is so unique that it is considered as one of the important spiritual symbols in many indigenous cultures in the Great Plains region. White buffalo weed is also awarded for its uniqueness. This Sativa-dominant hybrid strain is the outcome of Romulan, a pure Indica, and an unknown cross between Bay 11 and Blackberry Kush. It gives stimulating and energetic cerebral effects and can attract marijuana veterans and newbies. Based on the individual plant’s arrangement, White buffalo weed may have more than 25% THC content. What is White buffalo strain good for? Because of its potent THC content and always being the lifesaver and those who are suffering from panic and mood disorders, and if you are feeling worn out and stagnant, this White buffalo strain seeds might be just what you’re looking for and bring back the light to your life. White buffalo strain seeds also taste like plums and apples, with a little bit of diesel. In this article, we will be featuring the White buffalo strain review and all the White buffalo strain info.

What Is the White Buffalo Strain?

White Buffalo strain is the outcome of crossbreeding a Sativa strain and a pair of Indica-dominant hybrid strains. It’s a strain famous for its ability for fast flowering and tough structure; this is likely down to its Bay 11, Blackberry, and Romulan lineage. White buffalo weed is a Sativa-dominant hybrid and is capable of giving a weakening high if you overindulge it. 

White Buffalo Strain Review Statistics

White Buffalo Strain Information

Medical Benefits

What is white buffalo strain good for? Well, White buffalo strain is known for treating depression. Even though therapy sessions with qualified and experienced professionals are the best choice, not everyone could afford the expensive sessions. Once you grow your own White buffalo seeds, you have the potential way of improving your self-confidence, stabilizing your mood, and making you feel the joy of your life again. 

White buffalo strain’s anti-stress effects make it a choice for people who are suffering from anxiety. Fatigue is the common symptom of a person who has anxiety; mostly because the body is in the constant “fight or flight” stage which is physically, emotionally, and mentally draining. White Buffalo strain could offer an energy booster while addressing your anxiety. You could also use it to medicate aches and pain like redness and swelling with inflammation because it’s a strong cannabis strain. 

Potential Side Effects 

White buffalo weed is a strong strain so you might experience dizziness, or elevated anxiety and headache if you overindulge it. If not, the main reason for concern is dehydration, which in itself causes headaches. We recommend you to keep a jug of water with you and sip while using this cannabis strain. 

Grow Info

You won’t be surprised to learn that it prefers a climate with long summers, equal hours of sun and darkness during flowering, and intense light, because  White Buffalo strain is a Sativa-dominant strain. You don’t have to worry about growing White Buffalo strain seeds outdoors if you live south of the equator. This is not the case for those who are living in the Northern Hemisphere. 

Growers in California, for instance, must be fine, because White Buffalo seeds are intensely tough and could manage low temperatures to a point. If you put this plant to a lack of sunlight with long nights and short summers, its flowering time would rise up outstandingly. As a result, Northern Hemisphere growers are apt to grow this cannabis strain in a monitored environment. 

You would need to top the plant early because it grows to a remarkable height when you grow White Buffalo strain seeds indoors. Surpassing also enhances the circulation and makes sure the plant receives a lot of light together with good air circulation. Even though you could use a hydroponics system indoors, White Buffalo seeds like to grow in the soil. 

It’s not easy to grow White Buffalo seeds but once you do, and you grow it indoors, the flowering time could be as fast as 7 weeks. You must also reach up to 16 oz/square meters planted. White buffalo strain when should I harvest? If you grow this cannabis strain outdoors, it would be ready to be harvested from the final week of September onwards. Its yields could reach up to 12 ounces per plant outdoors. 

Aroma and Appearance

The White Buffalo strain got its name from its white-covered oversized, monstrous nugs. Soaked in an amusing sheen of glistering trichomes, the White Buffalo strain seeds give a different look that could make a marijuana-head take a second look. The lustrous exterior flares with its ample pelt of soft white projections. 

These trichomes cover the nugs in a sticky, and resinous substance that leaves a tickling feeling on the fingers. Just under the golden, cannabinoid-rich nectar, yellow and pale green leaves connect together to make a forest vibe, deep organic, as the nugs were removed from the vines as some exotic rainforest shrub. 

Also, because this plant does generate very rich resin, you must expect that it also comes with a rush of aromas that it consumes that use in a blissful aromatic paradise. The stingy, peppery scent pokes straight through the nostrils to clear away your sinuses and awaken your sleeping soul. As the aroma dances with your feelings, hints of lavender tea infused with fresh lemon zest power through to refresh your body and mind. 

THC Level

White Buffalo strain contains a fierce dispute with its content attacked as being anywhere between 15% to 25%.

CBD Level

White buffalo CBD is trivial. It’s usually below 0.1%, which means the THC to CBD ratio of at least 250: in some matter. 

Final Thoughts

White Buffalo strain is not cheap; actually, it could cost more the $400/oz, and it surely is not plentiful but it’s worth tracking down. And if you’re struggling with anxiety and need something to give you an uplift, don’t look further than this amazing Sativa strain. Its genetic blend accounts for unusual aroma, flavor, and effects. Its highs come at you quickly and could boost confidence, energy, and self-esteem. Its potency also indicates it;’s a potentially great choice as a medication. It’s easy to grow, but we advised doing indoors because it needs a very specific climate to survive. 

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