White marijuana seeds

White Seeds vs Black Seeds: Marijuana Compared

Many growers are asking, what are white weed seeds? The white marijuana seeds are hard-hitting Indica hybrids with a very high THC level and also considered as a potent. This cannabis strain is ideal for experienced users as psychoactive effect and prominent and is not recommended for newbie growers. White weed seeds are one of the strongest Indicas with 85/15 on the market with a THC level of around 26%. It comes with combined effects that start high and happy and end with a deep body stone. 

The white marijuana journey comes in two episodes. The first effect would feel like more of a Sativa as users encounter head high that feels giggle, creative, and focused. The early phase causes positive thinking and happiness, that is a great deal for users with anxiety and depression. The second episode would feel like a potent Indica that makes you sedated, tire, and lazy from your head to toe 

White cannabis seeds got their name from the cover of white resin that actually appears on the mature plants. The nugs of the white weed seeds that appear like mini Christmas trees have a heavy cover of trichomes. This cannabis strain can also be a remedy for insomnia and nausea. That is why most users use this strain during the night time or before going to bed. 

Why are Some Marijuana Seeds White?

Why are some marijuana seeds white? In some circumstances, usually, marijuana seeds have dark brown seeds. This fact ends the confusion for newbie growers when it comes to white seeds. It will make them think that these are immature. It isn’t a perfect white but more of a silvery tone. When these plants will come to their mature stage, the silver-white tone is more evident on the bids and the leaves. Under the visible lighting, the cannabis plants end up to be white. 

Black Seeds

Black marijuana seeds are more potent and genetically unique seeds will display deeper colors on the exterior husk. Black cannabis seeds that are available for germination are dark brown, dense, and desert.

If you are working to be cropping seed yields, you will collect them when they are plump and ripe. Mature cannabis seeds have a feline strip display with deep brown and black shades.

Black Seeds Statistics

Variety Sativa/Indica

Flowering Type Photoperiod

THC Level High

CBD Level Low (0 to 1%)

Yield High

Plant Height Medium

Grows Grows Indoor and outdoor

Harvest Month Early October

Flowering Stage 8 to 10 weeks

White Seeds

Seeds that are remarkably light and white are not developed seeds or did not explicitly generate. It is dubious that these grains will sprout, and if they succeed, it will merely get lengthy. It is worth purchasing young seeds that are of A1 age.

And same all other hereditary substances, it doesn’t persist eternally. Although seeds can be feasible for several years and years subsequent they’re prime developed, the possibilities of them favorably sprouting continues falling over a season (and former grains also serve to get a lot more enduring to pullulate than recent ones). The culminating seedlings are similarly more inclined to be stall-growing. But sometimes they germinate like they were produced freshly; their capacity to develop change into robust, vigorous plants, but that isn’t fair.

White Seeds Statistics

Variety Indica

Flowering Type Photoperiod

THC Level 25%

CBD Level Low (<2%)

Yield Indoors (per m²) Up to 450g/m²

Yield Outdoors Up to 600 gr

Flowering Stage 55-65 days

Size Medium

Cultivate Indoor and Outdoor

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